Did you ever eat oxalis as a child? I did because my older sister told me to. I wanted her to think I was cool, so I complied. As I was munching away she proceeded to tell me that a dog had peed on the one I picked and put in my mouth. YUCK!

That really ruined snacking on them for me, even as an adult. Instead, I watch my students sucking on the stems and enjoying their crisp fresh flavor. Who knows what could have peed on them? I try not to think about it.

I am partial to these pops of yellow that signal the beginning of spring. Some people think they are weeds, and they probably are, but I don’t. They are the flowers of childhood innocence, bouquets lovingly picked by small hands and given to favorite adults or left in small vases to adorn tables.

I am taking my first grade scientists outside next week to study them for a whole day. Have you studied oxalis, taken the time to sit down and see what bugs are crawling on them, or even eaten one?

I hope you stop and enjoy the oxalis.

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