Month: June 2019

Knotty Trees

I love it when the weather changes from hot to foggy, especially during our coastal summer. Let me tell you, early June was way too hot this year. I am a coastside girl at heart. My mother used to call me her “mushroom baby”… Continue Reading “Knotty Trees”

The Story of Our Hands

When a friend told me I should think about taking more photographs of hands, I was not thrilled. Adorable faces of little children are so much more exciting to photograph. I wanted to learn, though, so I reluctantly listened. I’m so glad I did!… Continue Reading “The Story of Our Hands”

Have You Ever Licked a Banana Slug?

I have, at least I think I did in the sixth grade during Outdoor Ed. Those nasty little slimy mollusks. I never thought I would actually enjoy finding them, until a parent suggested that I take my first graders to look for some. You… Continue Reading “Have You Ever Licked a Banana Slug?”

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