Classroom Management in the virtual World

I could write a long list of classroom management tips that I have used successfully but not in the virtual world. This week I spent time lounging on the beach near my home. We found this little beach hidden less than a mile away. We also visited our old favorite beaches up and down the coast. I sat in the warm sand, wondering what it will be like creating a classroom virtually. There is so much unknown. Being a planner makes the unknown unsettling.

My school postponed our start date by almost a month. In a way, it’s just like having another month to wonder what school will be like. On the other hand, I am glad to have more time to prepare.

I feel like a new teacher wondering what the virtual class will be like this year at a new school in a new grade level. On the beach, while I watched my daughter run in the waves and wade in the creek, I kept thinking.

What makes a teacher successful?

How do we help our students learn when we aren’t with them?

It is possible to teach without being with my students to gauge their understanding of the lesson objective?

My mind went back and forth like the waves on the beach.

Then I remembered what one of my teacher besties told me last week. Her school already started virtually. She said: “I am just going to be prepared for what is happening next.”

My friend is right! I don’t have to worry about the whole year, just about right now. That is all we can do. Be prepared for what is happening next!

I know what is happening next so I can be prepared for that! Here are some ideas to help you be prepared too!

  1. As soon as I get my student list, I am going to write postcards! Each child in my class will get a handwritten note welcoming them to my virtual classroom.
  2. Make sure you teach your students exactly how you want them to behave during online learning. If you are looking for online teaching expectation cards, you can find them here. Each card shares a clear expectation with a fun science-based story about a bird.
  3. You can read about my favorite classroom management tip here! It’s all about attitude!

Thanks for joining me today! If you have any tips to add to my list leave them in the comments below.

See you next time!

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