Classroom management tip: 7 Ways to Slow Down

The unknown is hard. What will happen next? Am I prepared? Did I do my best? Could I do more?
This week we started our two weeks of teacher training for online learning because our school begins after Labor Day.
I learned more than I could imagine about computers—way more than my brain can handle.
I have a lot of work to do, but this weekend I decided to STOP and rest.

Here are 7 ways I rest:

  • Take a walk. I hear this all the time but I don’t always do it! Take a walk. Just take a stroll right outside your home. You’ll feel better – I promise!

This cucumber beetle was hiding as we walked to the beach.
We walked to the horse ranch in Montara. Such a lovely foggy afternoon.
The harbor was stunning at sunset.
  • Read a non-work-related book. If it is left up to me, I will read everything educational I can get my hands on. Read a book for enjoyment! Get lost in the plot. You’ll thank me later.

  • Garden or get a plant to care for. Plant something! Plant anything! Feel the soil fall through your fingers. Watch your plant grow! My plants are my friends because I talk to them.

This pup was born on our windowsill.
  • Stay in bed longer. Give yourself permission to stay in bed and rest a little longer than usual. My mother stares and the wall and recharges her batteries. I like to play on my phone or read a good book!

  • Cook/buy a fun meal and eat it slowly. I can eat my lunch in 10 minutes or less. It’s a bad habit, but I learned to eat quickly during my short lunch breaks. Perhaps spend time enjoying your food and experiencing each bite! Yum!
My teacher friends bought me this for by birthday lunch. We waited over an hour to eat. It was worth it! Yum!

  • Call/text a friend. Everything is better with a friend. I usually call my older sister when I get upset or need to chat. Other times I call my good friend that I’ve know since junior high. Sometimes I text my teacher friend and check in.

  • Breathe!: This is my favorite tip. Sometimes I am so busy that I forget to breathe deeply. Often, I schedule times when I stop for a minute and inhale and exhale deeply. Feeling the air go to the tips of my fingers and toes helps me relax!
My mind was racing as I waited for a meeting at work. I walked around our campus and found this branch with long green fingers. After remembering to breathe I took this photo. Do you know what kind of tree this is?
After a long meeting I found this a dandelion in my yard.

Teachers need to slow down and be people too! Our students deserve a rested teacher who manages his/her class, having had a chance to slow down and be human for a minute or two. Our families do too!

How do you slow down?

How do you relax when your brain doesn’t stop? Let us know in the comments below.

Mr. Goat munched a whole field of weeds with his friends in Half Moon Bay. We found him after a long stressful day traveling.

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See you soon!





2 Comments on “Classroom management tip: 7 Ways to Slow Down

  1. I’m sorry if I missed your birthday. I hope it was more than a great lunch! When the fires are done, I’d love to come over and go to lunch!


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