Can I bring Meaningful Nature Studies to a Concrete Jungle?

Microscope with oxalis.

Blooming oxalis means spring is coming, and the long cold winter nights are ending soon. Last year my students ran around our school campus happily picking oxalis in the crisp spring-like weather. They inspired me to plan a whole day for them to learn about it!

I dressed up as a crazy scientists with a cup of oxalis that appeared in my garden after a week of storms.

This year I am at a new school (long story) in the middle of a concrete jungle. I love my school, but I miss the open space and the blooming oxalis. At least, I have a stunning ocean view.

The view from my classroom.

If my students come back, can we still study oxalis? Just because I teach in the middle of the city shouldn’t mean that my students miss out. Fortunately, I found a small patch of oxalis across the street from my school. If it grows this year, it will grow next year!

Some gardeners consider oxalis a weed. I can see their point if they are trying to grow a fancy garden and can’t get rid of it.

Oxalis clover after the rain.

Oxalis has tuber roots that grow underground and makes sure that there is always another plant ready to expand soon. As a result, there are fields full of these bright yellow flowers that are a feast for the eye!

Next year, I will study oxalis with my students for one afternoon, even if I have to pick it myself and bring it to my students. I hope you join my class and me as we study sour grass. Perhaps your students will be brave enough to eat it (with parent permission first)!
So, the answer to my question is YES! Yes, you can bring nature studies to a concrete jungle! Yes, you can devote half a day to learning about nature! Young scientists in a concrete jungle need it more than anyone else!

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