Knotty Trees

An old beauty along Highway 1.

I love it when the weather changes from hot to foggy, especially during our coastal summer. Let me tell you, early June was way too hot this year. I am a coastside girl at heart. My mother used to call me her “mushroom baby” because of how much I enjoy the cool, drippy, damp fog that wraps around us like a soft blanket. The coast is littered with Monterey cypresses, and sometimes the fog brings out shadows I’ve never noticed before in these grand old trees. They are tall, twisted, and full of gnarly knots. They are like worn, arthritic hands rising high out of the ground with ancient tales to tell. They don’t tell their story with words; they tell it with the deep crocked shadows they cast and with the breathtaking patterns they create.

These are the “finger” trees that line the parking lot outside my classroom.
This is a typical intersection in El Granada.

I took my Nikon and walked around our collection of small towns, pausing to snap a shot here and there. The silhouette of the trees against the backdrop of the foggy sky is breathtaking and my pictures barely do it justice. I wish you could feel the cool, misty breeze that nipped my nose as I stood and took these.

Sunshine Valley Road in Moss Beach.
This one was the weirdest cypress I found. It looks like it was trimmed recently, leaving a funky maze of branches.

Do you like to take leisurely walks or contemplative drives? Do you enjoy studying the beauty of nature? If so, tell me about your adventures in the comments below!

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