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Queenie the Quail: How she met Dr. Coyote!

Dr. Coyote is a good friend of mine. He lives on the edge of the open space near my home. Many people see him and run away because he is, after all, a coyote. He could eat your dog or cat in the middle… Continue Reading “Queenie the Quail: How she met Dr. Coyote!”


Did you ever eat oxalis as a child? I did because my older sister told me to. I wanted her to think I was cool, so I complied. As I was munching away she proceeded to tell me that a dog had peed on… Continue Reading “Oxalis”

Goodbye – For Now

I used my favorite mug one last time before packing it away. Boxes are half empty all over my room. The walls are blank, ready for next year. Goodbye for now. The sweet days of summer are ahead, right after I finish packing…

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