Montara Lighthouse

It’s so easy to take the beauty surrounding my little town for granted. I tend to look at the dark side of things and focus on the traffic, trash on the beach and the never ending to-do list waiting for my immediate attention. Last summer my daughter begged me to take her to the beach. I didn’t want to go because my precious fog had been replace with heat, and not our normal 70 degrees heat but, but heat heat. The kind of temperatures from places that actually have a traditional summer. These places are also usually equipped with fans and air conditioning. We don’t even own a fan! We shouldn’t ever need one. I rolled my eyes and I thought of the crowds, parking and having to cross the highway that separates our home from the beach. She was very persistent and despite my apprehension, I decided to take her to my favorite beach.

We drove across the street to the Montara Light House. It’s one of our small town treasures; it and its accompanying old buildings. It guards one of the best beaches ever. It’s small and safe, tucked inside of a protective cove.

I was pleased with myself because I actually remembered to bring a shovel and a bucket for my daughter to play with. We had a wonderful time exploring the small tide pools and walking in the creek.

Although I love the beach, I don’t always like going to the beach. It’s the sand that makes me want to keep beach trips at an arm’s length. Sand gets everywhere. Seriously, everywhere.

Where is your favorite place to go when it’s hot? Do you enjoy the beach? Does sand drive you crazy? What do you do for your children?

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