Who draws Dr. Coyote and his friends?

Art supplies have been a central theme in my life. I cannot remember when I didn’t have them in my purse, stuffed in my cupboards, and all over my desk. When my baby daughter could finally sit up in her highchair, I put a marker in her chubby hand. I was thrilled when she made her first mark. It was just as amazing to me as her first step.

My mother is an artist deep in her heart. She looks for interesting things in the world and draws them. Over the years, her artistic ability has blossomed, becoming a reflection of the beauty and kindness in her soul.

A few years ago, I started teaching first grade at a small school that stands on thirty-two acres of hikes, creeks, and nature. Somehow I wanted to bring all of those things into my classroom and teach my students about them. I began looking for lessons about oxalis, redwood trees, chickens, banana slugs, and bunnies but came up short!

One day I started telling my mother what I was looking for. I told her that I wanted to bring nature into my classroom in a meaningful way. Her eyes lit up, and we started to brainstorm tons of ideas. My mom offered to draw an alphabet strip that depicted nature. It took her a year to perfect all 26 drawings, but she did it!

You can purchase the alphabet cards here!

I took those detailed nature drawings and turned them into the final product. My mom included my daughter (who is mother Mary in the Christian school version), my principal who loves to drive the tractor, and even me (I am holding an umbrella)! It was such a treat to look up at my nature alphabet hanging above my whiteboard every day. You can see it in my store here.

Then my mom drew Dr. Coyote and his friends. That is another story that you can read about here and here. Plus, more stories to come!

Lovingly, she has drawn almost all of the clipart that I use in my store. She does that sitting at a messy table surrounded by lots of art supplies or outside in nature itself!

Join me next month as I share classroom management tips and tricks for the fall with Dr. Coyote and his friends and illustrated and inspired by my mother!

Do you like art supplies? What goodies do you have sitting on your kitchen table? You should see mine now!

For the best art supplies and advice in the world visit Ron at California Art Supply! If you aren’t local you can call him and order online. Tell him my mother sent you!

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