Queenie the Quail: How she met Dr. Coyote!

Dr. Coyote is a good friend of mine. He lives on the edge of the open space near my home. Many people see him and run away because he is, after all, a coyote. He could eat your dog or cat in the middle of the night while you are asleep. Sometimes he is lonely because nobody says hi to him when he is walking around town. It’s sad everyone judges him when they don’t even know him.

My mom, Cindy from Cynthia Ogden Illustrations, draws Queenie and Dr. Coyote.
Gracie Lu, my niece, drawing quails. Her imagination and drawings helped spark the stories of Dr. Coyote and his friends.

One day, many years ago, Dr. Coyote was walking through a meadow. It was a foggy day. You know – the wet drippy fog that only small coastal towns get during the summer. He stumbled across a tiny quail that was being attacked by a vicious mountain lion. Quickly Dr. Coyote made himself large by spreading out his limbs to look ominous. Once they made eye contact, the mountain lion looked down and sheepishly and ran away. Dr. Coyote gently picked the quail up. Her feathers were matted with blood! She was in shock, but she had a spark in her eye. Most coyotes would have gobbled her up! Not Dr. Coyote. He carefully carried her to his laboratory.

He laid her on his lab table and nursed her back to health. It took two weeks of constant care. Dr. Coyote had to take her everywhere he went so he could keep an eye on her. During that time, they became the best of friends. Now when you see Dr. Coyote walking around town, he wears a white lab coat, and Queenie the Quail is perched on his shoulder. They are inseparable!

Something magical happened on that lab table. Something that stirred the imagination of Queenie! She can talk just like Dr. Coyote, but that is another story.

I wish you could visit his lab that is hidden near my home. Maybe you’ll see Dr. Coyote and Queenie the Quail rescuing another hurt or scared animal. Or perhaps you’ll see them walking around town quietly chatting with each other.

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My mom, Cindy, shares her special art supplies with anyone interested in creating – especially children. There is usually a child or two sitting at my mother’s kitchen table using them up! Our favorite art supplies come from our friend Ron at California Art Supply.

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