Dr. Coyote!

You can usually find Dr. Coyote wandering around the beaches and open space near his home every morning and evening. He is searching for lost or hurt animals. Most coyotes would rather eat them for quick snacks but not Dr. Coyote. When he carefully picks up animals he takes them to his lab.
His lab is a mess. He has papers and tools piled everywhere! Mrs. Coyote gently reminds him EVERY DAY that he should clean up, but he often forgets. If the mess trickles into the house, it finds its way back to the lab.
The lab table is the only clean spot. It sparkles! Nobody knows exactly where it came from or how it works. All we know is that when hurt or sick animals are laid on that table by Dr. Coyote, they get better physically. Plus their minds open up, and they can share their thoughts, so humans understand them!
Have you ever heard a seagull talk non-stop? Or a quail insist her name is queenie? Perhaps you’ve seen a coyote walking upright wearing a lab coat.
If you are lucky enough to meet them or other talking animals, let me know in the comments below.

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