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Who draws Dr. Coyote and his friends?

Art supplies have been a central theme in my life. I cannot remember when I didn’t have them in my purse, stuffed in my cupboards, and all over my desk. When my baby daughter could finally sit up in her highchair, I put a… Continue Reading “Who draws Dr. Coyote and his friends?”

Osteospermum in the classroom!?! (A.K.A. African Daisies)

A few months ago, I was introduced to these intricate flowers. My class was on a hike around our school’s acreage, studying eucalyptus trees, when one of my students disappeared for a second behind some trees. She emerged with a striking purple daisy-like flower.… Continue Reading “Osteospermum in the classroom!?! (A.K.A. African Daisies)”

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