Classroom Management Tips from Sammy the Seagull

If I told you that Sammy isn’t grouchy, you wouldn’t believe me because of his sour face. It’s almost as if he is glaring at you. He is one of the most curious yet friendly birds around.
One day Sammy was minding his own business. Like always, he was flying around Montara Beach watching for yummy snacks. Swooping down, he ripped open a large lunch bag. It held a bunch of trash and some old sourdough bread. Sammy loves fresh bread, so he started pulling out the garbage with his beak. Half drunk soda cans, wet sandwich bags, and a dirty diaper. At last, he almost reached the soft bread. Right as he was about to take a bite of it, he got his head stuck in plastic soda packaging. Sammy couldn’t get loose. The more he tried to get out, the more stuck he became. Poor Sammy.
He started to make strange moaning sounds loudly at first. Slowly they became softer and less pronounced. Sammy was running out of energy. The soda packaging was choking him. Sammy thought he was going to die. He wanted someone to rescue him.
Queenie the Quail, likes to run around the beach and look for exciting things. When she heard the noises, she followed them right to Sammy the Seagull! Queenie signaled for Dr. Coyote, who showed up shortly with his rescue kit. He carefully freed Sammy from the soda packaging. He knew that Sammy would need more care, so he took him to his lab and laid him on his table. There he worked for several hours stitching up Sammy and nursing him back to health.
Something magical happened to Sammy on that lab table. When Dr.Coyote was done treating him, he could talk! He started talking non-stop to Queenie, who listened patiently at first. He chatted all evening and the next morning too! He talked and talked and talked!
Queenie and Dr. Coyote realized that Sammy needed to attend school to learn how to read and behave with the other little boys and girls. They sent him as soon as he was strong enough!
Sammy had to learn how to behave in the classroom and listen to his teacher! He likes to blurt, and he wants to help! Talking is also new to him, and he loves doing it A LOT!
If you have trouble with your students blurting, check our Sammy’s lesson here. His story and poster teach your students that blurts hurt!

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