The Story of Our Hands

When a friend told me I should think about taking more photographs of hands, I was not thrilled. Adorable faces of little children are so much more exciting to photograph. I wanted to learn, though, so I reluctantly listened. I’m so glad I did! I began looking for interesting hands and started to see a certain beauty in them; fingers are important tools that we take for granted.

It was fun to capture old and young hands, hands busy with art supplies, hands creating and discovering – all of which are precious and photo-worthy. It’s the story of our hands.

Building hands.
Hands surrounded by art supplies.
Pausing hands.
Hands creating with pencils.
Dirty hands holding a blue bellied lizard!
Hands teaching at the art store.
Hands playing outside.
Hands creating prints!
Busy hands getting ready.
Working hands.
Hands petting animals at school.

Photographs tell a story without words- quiet yet bold tales. They show love, work, passion, creativity, and more. Who knew that you could find all these feelings in pictures of hands?

What stories are the hands in your life telling today? Share your photos or thoughts in the comments below.

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