My Favorite Classroom Management tip

I am about to share with you my favorite classroom management tip. I still struggle with this. It’s a good struggle because I think I get better at it every single day.

This tip works for any teacher in any classroom. It works for the school janitor and the superintendent.
When we wake up each morning, we have a choice. We can decide to have a good attitude each day or not. There I said it!

Attitude is a choice.

Personally, I don’t like a lot of things that happen at school. I know you know what I am talking about. Your coworker/boss might drive you crazy, or your favorite mug may have fallen and shattered on the floor. The cute kid in your class may not be acting so cute anymore. Or there is a deadly pandemic that changes the way we teach FOREVER!

But, how do I have a good attitude in the middle of all of this!?!

Sometimes my attitude feels like this old daisy…

I could make a list of all the ways to have a good attitude, but I am not. You can look that up on a self-help blog or call your mother/bestie and ask them.
I am going to tell you why we, as teachers, need to have a good attitude and why this is my best classroom management tip!

As teachers, we set the tone for our students. If I hate the math curriculum, my students will hate it too! If I complain just a little about the old carpet, my students will begin to complain also. If I am continuously annoyed at the technology I am using to teach, my students will be too! I think you get the picture.

Our students mirror our attitudes.

Don’t worry, I am not saying that we have to be perfect. Because we all know that I am not. What I am saying is that our good attitude gives our students hope.

So our attitude could be something like this:
This pandemic is hard, but we can make it through!
Our technology is difficult to understand, but together we will figure it out.
My coworker is annoying, but maybe she is having a bad day or season.
The student who turned off his video during the lesson might be struggling today.
My boss may have to make some hard decisions that she can’t explain and, that’s why she made that new policy.

Make your classroom, whether it is online or in-person a place of hope. Make it a place where good attitudes are welcomed and shared. Providing that for your students will make them feel that there is still goodness in this crazy world of 2020.

Be the hope by having a good attitude! Do it for your students!
Classroom management has so many components that teachers need to have, but a positive classroom starts with a teacher who has a good attitude.

Flowers remind me of hope. I love to find flowers and fill my social media feed with them. My house is filled with photographs and paintings of flowers. What reminds you to have a good attitude?

I encourage you to find a picture of a flower and post it by your desk to remind you to have the best attitude you can!

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If you would like to teach your students to have a good attitude check out my Online Classroom Expectation Cards here! Petey the Parrot has a good attitude and makes the best of things even when things are hard! There are 7 expectation cards, each with a story about a bird!

See you soon! Thanks for stopping by!

5 Comments on “My Favorite Classroom Management tip

  1. Oh my goodness sweet girl, you are the best. Give your mother/artist a hug to give back to you. I can hear you speaking within everything you write. What positive reinforcement to surround those impressionistic minds of your students. You calm and build my soul by your generosity of hope and heart. Much love and encouragement for you as you spread joy. Love and hugs, Sandy 💜🐛🍃

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