I used to work at a little, yellow coffee shop in Montara while my life was transitioning. Between the regulars and my high schoolish colleagues, no one could remember my name. My elementary school teacher brain came up with Cara from Montara, and it stuck! People remembered my name. So now you’re here @CarafromMontara! WELCOME! I am so glad you are here!

I am a 23-year credentialed teacher (Wow! Time flies). I’ve taught kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third (only for a week). At the beginning of my teaching career, I taught students at a community day school who needed lots of structure, and reading instruction/inspiration — that is another story.

My heart was in kindergarten for a long time, now it is in first grade. I enjoy guiding children as they play to learn. I love very messy science lessons. I find teaching writing and the entire reading process a joy. This means I have piles and piles of books EVERYWHERE. Math instruction has been growing on me especially with the freedom to incorporate more meaningful play and conversation. And art — don’t get me started on the art supplies I seem to stuff in odd places that bulge out of my closet. I look around at my very important teaching supplies (insert eye roll) and I dream of pulling it all together not just for my students but to share with others.

I’ve had a 20-year dream to do something special with all the ideas spinning around in my head. I would scroll Teacher Pay Teacher and wish I could be the next seller to inspire other overwhelmed/tired teachers. Then one day I woke up and said today is the day. It’s going to be ME. That was over a year ago. Life happened and many more ideas continued to pop into my head. The only difference, this time, was I began to write some of them down.

Long story short, I began asking questions and taking pictures. Finally, I asked the right questions to the right people who gently pushed and inspired me. Now I am putting myself out there, pictures and all, to see where it takes me. Thank you for joining me on this messy, yet fun, journey forward.

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