Introducing Dr. Coyote

My niece, Gracie Lu, has a wild imagination, and she is obsessed with birds. Most kids read children’s books while she devours piles of bird books. She quickly memorizes every fact about these winged creatures. She is a walking bird dictionary. Not only can she tell you all these things, but she can also draw detailed pictures of her favorite birds. One day she is drawing California quails. The next, she’s creating a crazy scientist to go with them. She named him Dr. Coyote. My brain instantly was on fire! I could visualize a tame coyote wearing a white lab coat. After talking to my mom, who is a talented illustrator, Dr. Coyote began to take on more of a personality and fascinating story! Dr. Coyote is now my mascot. He helps me teach my students with a science twist! You may be thinking: how could a coyote be tame? Or what is his back story. If you stick around, you’ll learn about Dr. Coyote, his friends, and how he can bring science to all aspects of your classroom too!

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